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Old 02-15-2007, 10:45 PM
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Default Bad gas mileage on 03 blazer

My brother-in-law's 03 blazer is getting bad gas mileage. When he fills his tank to half way it is gonein like twodays. He is only driving about 20 miles a day. My 95jeep is getting better gas mileage then his blazer. We tried gum out a couple of times and it help a little if it helpedat all.Did anyone try the sea foam through the TB on anewer Chevy? He wants to do it but he doesn't want anymore troubles with it. The blazer has 44,000 miles on it. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Old 02-16-2007, 12:31 AM
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Default RE: Bad gas mileage on 03 blazer

Well first I would fill her up then and set your trop-o-meter to 0 then once you get to empty go fill up. Take the # of miles you got out of that tank of gas and divide it by the amount of fuel it took to fill your tank.
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Old 02-16-2007, 01:09 AM
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Default RE: Bad gas mileage on 03 blazer

Take the numbers that are cited on the sticker and subtract about 2mpg average from then to get closer to your actual mileage.

Fuel mileage depends on a lot of inter-related items. The lead in your brothre-in-law's foot, condition of the transmission, condition of the air filter and fuel filter. At this point I would get an aftermarket washable/dry filter from Airraid maybe even the dealer performance parts list since they now carry a dry filter similar/OEMed from AirRaid technologies.

I would suggest replacing the air filter and fuel filter. Air with a dropin aftermarket and fuel with a Wix. The fuel filter should be in the frame near drivers door area, there is a hex fitting on the filter and another on the line since I could not find the correct size wrenches I used a small adjustable for the line and a larger for the filter. Make sure you spray the fitting with a rust penetrating chemical, let sit for 30-60 min and then attempt to replace the filter. First thing to do is to release the pressure at the shrader valve (located near the vacuum brake booster near the firewall), remove the black plastic cap and there is a small area in the center to press and release the pressure (wrap a rag/towel to catch the fuel that will come out of the valve). Open the cap on the gas tank to release pressure on that side of the filter. With the pressure release then you can loosenthe bolt holding the filter in place so that when you get the fitting end loose you can remove the filter. After you get the filter out of the holder then you can get at the plastic sqeaze fitting easier, just compress the two tabs and then pull the filter out of the line. To install is just the reverse of what you did to get it out.

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Default RE: Bad gas mileage on 03 blazer

Does he park on the street. Maybe someone's stealing (siphoning) his gas while he's sleeping. That's always a thought. ~
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