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Old 03-23-2008, 06:26 PM
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Default Power seat not working

Well I am in the process of sound deadening the blazer and my power seat went out about a year back. I planned on fixing it this week when I got the seat out and looked at it. Only problem is I can't get the seat out with out moving it forward. I've lost all control of the power seat in any movement direction. I have done a search and see that chaffing switch wires is common but I don't see any evidence of this. Any other ideas what the root cause of the problem could be? Or better yet how can I manually move this bad boy forward so I can at least get the seat out and in a more workable area.

Old 03-25-2008, 08:08 PM
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Default RE: Power seat not working

dont know but my seat moves forward but not backward without having to push it wile pushing the switch
Old 04-08-2008, 09:09 PM
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Default RE: Power seat not working


I've posted a few responses on this one already, so will respond here as well. I had the same problem, power seat would not move. I checked the voltage at the two power plugs located under the seat, and found that I only had 10.9vdc present. My seat was all the way back as well, so it is possible to removed the seat in this position. There are plastic covers that mount on the seat bolt studs, just pry straight up on them with a large flat blade screwdriver and they will pop off (on the back two posts, my covers popped up enough for me to squeeze a 15mm open in wrench underneath them to get on the nuts).

Once the seat is out, peel back the carpet enough toexpose the floor on the drivers side.You will see a plastic channel that is run under the carpet that housesa bunch of wires. Open the channel, pull out the wires and look for the reddish/orange wire. It will feed into a connection with three additional wires of the same color. The single wire is power from the fusebox, the other three wires then feed power down to the two connectors located under the seat (one is for seat movement, the other for lumbar). Notsure where the third wireleads.

Anyway, that connection where the one wireconnects with the other three was severly corroded. I cut out the bad wires,spliced insomenew wire, and this gave me12.5vdc at my plugsunder the seat. I reinstalled the carpet and seat, plugged in the connectors, and the seat worked great.

Thor, your problem is with the movement switch.The hot wire from the plug feedsa connector on the back of the movement switch. The switch applies two hot leads to each motor. One hot lead feeds reverse movement, the other forward movement. With the switch in the neutral position, both leads to the motor are hot, which locks it in place. Movingthe movement switch in one direction removes one hot leg to the motorallowing it to move in that direction.I would recommend that you ever so gently remove the movement switch from the backing plate that houses the wires, clean the copper posts, and then reinstall. It may be just a bad connection. If this doesn't do it, you may need to replace the switch.

You can be adventurous and try opening up the movement switch itself. But be forewarned, it contains a bunch of copper plates that slide to make contact with other plates. Be very careful that you don't let these fall out of place. Mine did, and it was like a jigsaw puzzle to put back together. It took numerous tries on my part before I got it back together correctly. You can use an ohm meter to check it's operation as well.

Old 04-09-2008, 02:44 AM
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Default RE: Power seat not working

I tried opening that switch also, What a mistake! I finally got all of those little plates back together in place,trial and error.....Not a good idea on my part! I moved my seat back by cutting the 2 wires on the front motor and jumping hot anda ground to each wire----it is reverse polarity meaning if you hook the hot to one wire and the ground to the other wire you will get movement in one direction, switch the hot and the ground the other way(reverse) and you will have the opposite movement. That's if you just wanna temporarily move it---You will need to use butt connectors when you find your problem though, exposed wires are not a good idea.
Old 05-05-2008, 04:33 PM
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Default RE: Power seat not working

I just wanted to give anyone out here in blazer-land a heads up on these issues..
If your P.Seat suddenly stops working

DON'T take it to a dealershi, mine said they could'nt find the problem,and was probably in the firewall!

So i took out the seat myself,popped out the Plastic-door-entry-moulding piece(just lifts straight up & out,
lifted the carpet up as much as possible & pulling it out of the corner of the kickpanel&bottom of seat belt by door..
Then exposed the damp-ish wires/carpet.
Then i found old solder right under the area where a left driving foot would be( old obvious repair ) Suddenly a orange wire was a culprit, hooked up my OHM-meter to the area abouta foot below the brake pedal & hooked up the other lead to the orange-connection that goes into the power-seat connection AND PRESTO 12volts!!
Spliced a new 1/2foot of good wire in place of the orange corrodedness and history was made!
Old 05-06-2008, 12:31 PM
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Default RE: Power seat not working

Wow..great information. Has anyone had it that when you move the seat forward only the door side of the seat moves and the inside doesn't? Mine's all the way to the back which is fine for me to drive...but the girlfriend can't drive my truck right now because the seat doesn't move forward. All other power seat controls work fine...only the front back on the inside track.

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