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Robt77 05-01-2014 12:54 PM

More of a modified restore
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I picked her up about a month ago for $1000. She runs good and feels pretty solid. She was molested by a car stereo installer, and will require some therapy, mostly interior cosmetics. I plan on making her a good reliable daily driver that looks good, not much more.
So far I had to replace all but the Drivers seat belt, because someone took them out. I also had to make her smog pump work again. that was pretty easy.
Next up is the front end, She needs an idler arm, sway bar bushings, and a passenger side CV axle.
I will probably put in a cheep mechless head unit, or make a docking station for a tablet so I can have Gps, digital dash via Torque and music while keeping it all removable so I don.t tempt the neighborhood thugs.
Next time I do a tune up, I want to do a few upgrades, like a high performance coil, low resistance plug wires, and either a K&N filter, or a bolt on air box, but not an entire cold air intake. According to the computer she gets 17.3 mpg, that sounds good to me, but I hope I can get a bit better w/ these mods.
once all of that is done I want to get some black wheels, either soft 8's or 5 spoke, some minor body work and flat black paint.
when all of that is done head and tail lights. The HIDs have to go. I'll convert those back to incandescent, maybe xenon filled.

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