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My 98 Blazer build

Old 01-15-2014, 01:38 PM
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Default My 98 Blazer build

Hey!, I know it might be kinda late for a built post on my truck but I wanted to have a thread to look back at as a reference and to showcase some of my work in order. There will be future updates coming as well

So here she is the the first day I got her back in 2005 with 95,000km's

I had it stock for about 6 years before I started doing some modifications.
I found a set of 30x9.5 maxxis mudders with wheels on craigslist for a good price

Took the side mouldings and running boards off

I hit black ice and lost control hitting a light post and damaging some of my bumper. I ripped the plastic skirting off and the plastic bumper cover.

Banged out the dent and painted bumper black and emblem

Found a bush bar with 2 Piaa lights and tail light covers on craigslist for 120$!

got the wheels painted black and left the lip, tinted the tails

So here it is as of august of last summer.

I didn't like the design of the bush bar how it mounted low to the frame and didn't give me much clearance upfront. So I cut the bottom portion of it off and welded/bolted tubing that slides into where my tow hook's mount in the frame.

It brought the bush bar up nice and tight and gave me a lot more clearance

picked up the rough country 2.5'' lift

in the middle of putting in the lift, I used logs as jack stands haha

It got pretty ugly at this point and was questioning myself if it was all worth it

I had to bend the bottom diff mount out of the way so I was able to drop the diff out. That was for sure the worst of the whole install

Cut the old bracket off the diff and installed the new one

All done and here it sits with the 2.5'' lift and 30'' tires

2'' PA body lift

I skipped installing the gas tank hose extender because I had some slack in it but with the lift its pretty stretched now.

I didn't install the bumper brackets that came with the lift so I had a gap in between the tailgate and the bumper I covered with flashing.

Sitting with the 2'' body lift 2.5'' RC on 30''s

I found a set of BFG A/T's 33x9.5's off craigslist for a good price, I had to cut out my front fenders quite abit and some off back fenders to stop the rubbing.

I put in my subs from my old vehicle and painted the box red to match, 2 JL 12'' powered with a rockford 900w mono.

I found an aluminum skid plate at a scrap metal place I got for free, stoked! I added on to it with another plate to fill in the upper gap.

I ordered some Hubcentric wheel spacers off ebay, now I can do full lock turns without any frame rubbing and got a wider stance

here's the stance

I made some fender flair's out of some lawn edging for 5 bucks!

I ended up scuffing my wheels and painting them all black with spray on rocker guard. I likes it abit better than having a chrome lip.

I picked up some ez-liner rocker guard from canadian tire. I originally wanted to use Hurculiner but my buddy used this stuff and said its awesome so i went with it.

Sanded the body down quickly with 180 grit, a quick splash and dash job but looks pretty good

Attached Thumbnails My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-file764-28267.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-file5613-28271.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-file5622-28274.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-file5619-28273.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-file5624-28275.jpg  

My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-file5628-28277.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-img-00000787-28280.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-img-00000815-28281.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-img-00000879-28282.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-img-00000910-28283.jpg  

My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-gm-lift-kit-242n2-base-28278.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-img-00000937-28284.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-img-00000945-28285.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-img-00000948-28286.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-img-00000949-28287.jpg  

My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-img-00001034-28292.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-img-00000994-28288.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-image-4004-28279.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-img-00001005-28290.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-img-00001217-28296.jpg  

My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-img-00000980-28303.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-img-00001075-28294.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-img-00001069-28293.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-img-00001115-28295.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-img-00001225-28297.jpg  

My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-img-00001258-28298.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-img-00001260-28299.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-img-00001263-28300.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-fender-flairs-28266.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-1010214-10152103141362808-345580003-n-.jpg  

My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-ez-liner-28270.jpg   My 98 Blazer build-robsteez-56368-albums-98-blazer-build-photos-7778-picture-ez-liner-28269.jpg  
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Wow, great job, Hows the power with the 33s on her?
Old 01-15-2014, 05:20 PM
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thanks bud, I haven't been able tell a difference yet because my trucks been running rough with a lack of power. Throwing a cylinder #2 misfire code, now its time to fix the important things
Old 01-15-2014, 05:51 PM
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id like to do all that to mine looks good!!!!
Old 01-15-2014, 09:05 PM
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I just got my RC 2.5" kit today and have my 2" PA body lift kit to do too. I have the exact 30" tires and wheels and want to go to 33s eventually. Swapping for zr2 axles amd torsion bars when I do the install. Your truck looks great!
Old 01-15-2014, 09:37 PM
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Very impressive, I squeak too much just keeping mine running let alone adding improvements.
Old 01-16-2014, 08:42 AM
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Very nice, I like how you modified the brush guard.
Old 01-16-2014, 11:13 PM
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fun build!
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thanks all
Originally Posted by MoneyPit99BlazerLT View Post
Very impressive, I squeak too much just keeping mine running let alone adding improvements.
haha I see why you have that user name, the amount of work I did doing fun mods in the past 6 months i put the same amount of time fixing ****. deff not all fun and games for me either
Old 03-26-2014, 09:21 PM
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Nice looking build!

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