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2001 Olds Bravada "Build"

Old 05-25-2018, 11:57 AM
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Default 2001 Olds Bravada "Build"

So I just picked up an 01 Bravada, with 111k on it. Discovering all sorts of issues, albeit unsurprisingly. Join me as I figure all of the issues out. I will list all the issues I find, not sure if I will fix all of them. Right now, I am using this as a second car to make up for the lack of miles on my leased car. But would like to keep this as a daily driver, if it proves reliable enough.

Click for pictures of the car.

1. Windshield is cracked.
2. Drivers side outer CV Boot is leaking. After I fixed my leaking oil cooler fittings on the radiator my cv axle does not look wet anymore, I am thinking it was just blowing all over the axle.
3. Leaking rear axle pinion seal. Fixed! See forum post.
4. Seeping transfer case rear seal. - Replaced twice. Still leaking a little..
5. A/C doesn't work. One of the lines on the condenser has a hole in it, and the compressor is leaking from the case. Ordering a new compressor, condenser, orifice tube, and accumulator next week.
6. Leaking oil cooler fittings on radiator. The fittings that were on the car were wrong. Bought new ones from Autozone, and that fixed the issue.
7. Rotted out transmission crossmember. Ordered one off of e-bay. Are they any good? eBay link
8. My friend who is an excellent mechanic, thinks my motor mounts are bad. I guess I agree, it is a little shaky when running. But not that bad lol.
9. Will need tires before another Michigan winter.
Bought new Goodyear Wrangler Trailrunner ATs. 235/75/15s
10. Needs front suspension work, alignment is slightly off. Steering is a little loose. Got an alignment seems better. Still a little loose. They said all my front suspension is tight. I suspect the steering box needs adjustment.
11. Could use new shocks.
12. Leaking muffler.
13. Drivers door pins.

Will post updates as I get things fixed!

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Old 05-28-2018, 10:38 PM
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Default Oil leak fixed! - Kinda

I bought two new fittings for the oil filter adapter lines to the radiator. That fixed that issue. The ones that were on there were the wrong size. Werid.

i noticed a puddle on the ground as the car has been sitting since Thursday.

Will post better pictures in the morning. It looks like engine oil, and when I wiped the ground, it comes up brown. Seems to me like engine oil. Not sure if my shift linkage seal is leaking or what. My shifter does need to be adjusted slightly.. lol. Any thoughts?

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Old 05-30-2018, 07:40 AM
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So I pulled the pinion seal out, and am about to pound in the new one after work. I was looking at my rear backing plates, and they are completely destroyed. From what I understand I will have to remove the axles to get the old backing plates off, and new ones on. Fun fun! Any tips?

Advance Auto has the Dorman backing plates for like $30. Guess I will have to get some.
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The picture of the leak above - It seems to have stopped after fixing the oil cooler line leak. Must have just been blowing all over everything.

Got an alignment from a local Goodyear, and got new 235/75/15 Goodyear Wrangler Trailrunner ATs.

I really need to replace my drivers door pins. They are loose!
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