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Detailer's Domain: 2013 Audi S4 - New Car Prep and Opti Coat Applied

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Detailer's Domain: 2013 Audi S4 - New Car Prep and Opti Coat Applied

Old 07-08-2012, 10:46 AM
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Default Detailer's Domain: 2013 Audi S4 - New Car Prep and Opti Coat Applied

Subject: 2013 Audi S4
Requirements: New Car Prep with Opti Coat 2

Customer dropped me an email about a month or 2 ago about his 2013 Audi S4. He asked me about or new car prep services and opti coat. The customer called me 12 hours of delivery of his new car to make sure it was properly prepped and protected before he starts to put the miles on it. I love it when a customer wants to start his new car care the right way.


- Wheels were prepped with Sonax Wheel Cleaner and cleaned up with various brushes
- Tires were spritzed down with Adamís All Purpose Cleaner and washed down
- Wheel wells were cleaned up
- Washed with Adam's Car Wash
- Aquartz Iron Cut
- Wash down and rinsed
- Door jambs were cleaned up
- Nano Scrub AutoScrub
- Dried
- Tires dressed
- Masking
- Paint Measurement
- Menzerna SF4000 with Uber Green Pad - Griots Orbital
- Opti Coat 2
- Inspection with Fenix, 3m Sun Gun, Infratech, and natural sunlight
- Wheel wells were cleaned and dressed
- Rubber and Plastics Treated
- Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned and sealed
- Exhaust tips cleaned
- Windows were autoscrubed, cleaned, and sealed

- Interior Vac
- Leather Cleaned/Conditioned
- Plastic - wiped down and protected

Products used

Links to products used -
Adam's Car Wash
Aquartz Iron Cut
Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner
NanoSkin AutoScrub System
Menzerna SF4000
Opti Coat 2
Adam's Super VRT
Optimum Metal Polish
1Z einszett Cockpit
Sonax Leather Foam

Tools used
Uber Wool Wash Mitt
Uber No Name MF Towels
Griot's 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher
Uber Buffing Pads
Defelsko Paint Meter
Fenix TK35
Kranzle Pressure Washer
Cam Spray Foam Canon
2 Grit Guard Buckets with Caddies
Uber Firehose Nozzle
Metro Air Force Blaster

Before shots
Name:  DSC_1546.jpg
Views: 20
Size:  6.11 MB
Name:  DSC_1545.jpg
Views: 14
Size:  4.13 MB
Name:  DSC_1544.jpg
Views: 35
Size:  4.61 MB
Name:  DSC_1543.jpg
Views: 16
Size:  4.78 MB
Name:  DSC_1542.jpg
Views: 15
Size:  4.35 MB
Name:  DSC_1541.jpg
Views: 13
Size:  4.11 MB
Name:  DSC_1539.jpg
Views: 14
Size:  5.83 MB
Name:  DSC_1536.jpg
Views: 14
Size:  4.27 MB

Prep - Wash, Decon, AutoScrub, Wheels, and Tires

Wash shots
Wheels were hit first

Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner going to work (some brushing required)
Name:  DSC_1552.jpg
Views: 19
Size:  7.87 MB
Name:  DSC_1551.jpg
Views: 21
Size:  6.88 MB

Name:  DSC_1571.jpg
Views: 16
Size:  4.99 MB

Pre soak - bug and tar
Name:  DSC_1547.jpg
Views: 15
Size:  4.46 MB
Name:  DSC_1550.jpg
Views: 20
Size:  4.78 MB
Name:  DSC_1549.jpg
Views: 16
Size:  5.20 MB

Foam shots
Name:  DSC_1579.jpg
Views: 18
Size:  4.98 MB
Name:  DSC_1578.jpg
Views: 10
Size:  4.60 MB
Name:  DSC_1577.jpg
Views: 19
Size:  5.07 MB
Name:  DSC_1576.jpg
Views: 11
Size:  5.93 MB
Name:  DSC_1580.jpg
Views: 65
Size:  5.54 MB
Name:  DSC_1586.jpg
Views: 28
Size:  5.21 MB
Name:  DSC_1585.jpg
Views: 18
Size:  5.72 MB

Iron Cut in action
Name:  DSC_1567.jpg
Views: 21
Size:  6.35 MB
Name:  DSC_1565.jpg
Views: 58
Size:  5.00 MB
Name:  DSC_1564.jpg
Views: 16
Size:  5.83 MB
Name:  DSC_1562.jpg
Views: 28
Size:  5.61 MB
Name:  DSC_1557.jpg
Views: 10
Size:  5.70 MB

Name:  DSC_1583.jpg
Views: 75
Size:  8.17 MB

Drying the car with an Uber Super Drying Towel
Name:  DSC_1587.jpg
Views: 21
Size:  6.50 MB

Blowing out the car to ensure all the water is off
Name:  DSC_1591.jpg
Views: 75
Size:  6.49 MB
Name:  DSC_1596.jpg
Views: 11
Size:  5.66 MB

Removing all the dealer installed tire dressing with Stoner's Tarminator
Name:  DSC_1592.jpg
Views: 28
Size:  5.91 MB
Name:  DSC_1593.jpg
Views: 14
Size:  6.43 MB

Polishing a known trouble spot on the Audi
Name:  DSC_1597.jpg
Views: 62
Size:  6.42 MB
Name:  DSC_1598.jpg
Views: 19
Size:  5.15 MB

Name:  DSC_1601.jpg
Views: 18
Size:  4.34 MB

Prepping the wheels and paint for opti coat - after polishing we used some IPA to ensure a clean surface
Name:  DSC_1589.jpg
Views: 20
Size:  6.31 MB

Opti Coat 2 applied on paint, glass, and wheels
Name:  DSC_1602.jpg
Views: 14
Size:  5.58 MB

Buffing off Opti Coat
Name:  DSC_1604.jpg
Views: 17
Size:  5.11 MB

Name:  DSC_1630.jpg
Views: 13
Size:  5.58 MB
Name:  DSC_1624.jpg
Views: 56
Size:  6.85 MB
Name:  DSC_1622.jpg
Views: 22
Size:  6.08 MB
Name:  DSC_1616.jpg
Views: 12
Size:  5.98 MB
Name:  DSC_1612.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  7.37 MB
Name:  DSC_1608.jpg
Views: 74
Size:  7.09 MB
Name:  DSC_1607.jpg
Views: 11
Size:  7.40 MB
Name:  DSC_1605.jpg
Views: 31
Size:  7.40 MB

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