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Detailer's Domain: FRS - New Car Prep, Opti Coat, and Clear Film

Detailing Discuss detailing your Blazer within.

Detailer's Domain: FRS - New Car Prep, Opti Coat, and Clear Film

Old 07-29-2012, 05:23 PM
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Default Detailer's Domain: FRS - New Car Prep, Opti Coat, and Clear Film

Subject - Scion FRS
Requirements - Full Exterior Paint Correction/Opti Coat/ Clear Film installation. (Full Hood, Full Fenders, Mirrors, Lights, Door Cups)

For a new car this one was in pretty bad shape. The typical sticky paint from the imports made this one tedious to work on

- Wheels were prepped with Sonax Wheel Cleaner and cleaned up with various brushes
- Tires were spritzed down with Adamís All Purpose Cleaner and washed down
- Wheel wells were cleaned up
- Washed with 1Z einszett W99
- Wolf's Decon Gel
- Wash down and rinsed
- Door jambs were cleaned up
- Nano Scrub AutoScrub
- Dried
- Tires dressed
- Masking
- Paint Measurement
- Sonax 5/5 Fine Abrasive Paste - Microfiber DA Cut Pad - Griots Orbital
- Sonax 3/6 Nano Polish - Uber Green Pad - Griots Orbital
- Opti Coat
- Inspection with Fenix, 3m Sun Gun, Infratech, and natural sunlight
- Wheel wells were cleaned and dressed
- Rubber and Plastics Treated
- Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned and sealed
- Exhaust tips cleaned
- Windows were autoscrubed, cleaned, and sealed

Products used

Links to products used -

1Z einszett W99
Wolf's Decon Gel
Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner
NanoSkin AutoScrub System
Sonax Compound 5/5 - Coming Soon
Sonax Nano Polish 3/6 - Coming Soon
Opti Coat
Adam's Super VRT
Optimum Metal Polish

Tools used
Uber Wool Wash Mitt
Uber No Name MF Towels
Griot's 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher
Uber Buffing Pads
Defelsko Paint Meter
Fenix TK35
Kranzle Pressure Washer
Cam Spray Foam Canon
2 Grit Guard Buckets with Caddies
Uber Firehose Nozzle
Metro Air Force Blaster

Name:  DSC_3746.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3744.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3743.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3740.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3738.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3734.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3732.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3729.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3727.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3726.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3717.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3721.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3720.jpg
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Attached Images
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DSC_3746.jpg (7.34 MB, 8 views)
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DSC_3744.jpg (7.29 MB, 15 views)
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DSC_3743.jpg (7.87 MB, 18 views)
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DSC_3740.jpg (8.51 MB, 76 views)
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DSC_3727.jpg (7.72 MB, 11 views)
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DSC_3726.jpg (7.99 MB, 20 views)
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DSC_3720.jpg (7.87 MB, 78 views)
Old 07-29-2012, 05:23 PM
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Dan inspecting the car
Name:  DSC_3748.jpg
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Size:  8.21 MB

We ran late into the night with this one. (limited prep shots)
Name:  DSC_3835.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3841.jpg
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Size:  7.18 MB

Tires being cleaned up
Name:  DSC_3916.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3917.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3920.jpg
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Paint Correction
Before shots
Name:  DSC_3994.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3989.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3986.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3985.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4000.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3928.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3997.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3995.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3933.jpg
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Polishing away
Name:  DSC_3911.jpg
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Name:  DSC_3908.jpg
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Size:  6.59 MB

After polishing
Name:  DSC_3930.jpg
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Size:  9.57 MB

Clear Film Installation
Name:  DSC_4030.jpg
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Size:  8.44 MB
Name:  DSC_4027.jpg
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Size:  7.31 MB
Name:  DSC_4021.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4019.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4015.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4011.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4028.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4035.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4041.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4040.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4039.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4038.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4132.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4131.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4129.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4128.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4126.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4125.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4124.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4123.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4122.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4121.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4120.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4117.jpg
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Name:  DSC_4130.jpg
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Old 08-03-2012, 12:22 PM
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Wow, nice! Cleaned everything up from the factory, and sealed it up!
Old 08-23-2012, 11:54 AM
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Thats what im talking about. Great job
Old 06-09-2013, 07:43 PM
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looks perfect. awesome job! what did you use on the tires to get the "brown" off of it?

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