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Today 01:07 AM

Hi, I'm new so hello everyone. I'm having a hard time finding a 'rear lock cylinder' for a 1992 Blazer. (The cylinder in the handle in the back that releases the rear window.) What is the...
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By: Mltoys
Yesterday 10:09 PM

I did a search right before posting this problem, never noticed it missing before this. I use safari on my ipad always.
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By: DonL
Yesterday 09:35 PM

Same boat here... I'd have the zr2, mine, and a 3 door side step s10 extreme!
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Yesterday 07:15 PM

Christine, what you describe is what I'm suspecting is going on. It started after the dealer installed the new shift cable. I think the ignition cylinder is ok.
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Yesterday 06:59 PM

Very possible indeed. I quit buying used electronic parts because they almost always didn't work. Here is why, IMO. Someone goes through junked Blazers and pulls say, 100 ABS modules and sells...
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Yesterday 06:48 PM

Welcome to the forum! Looks like you got a lot of work ahead of you!
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Yesterday 06:24 PM

Thanks for your reply also. I'm stumped too about the door locks but it does make the speakers come on for a second when I play back and forth with lock button. Sometimes I have to do it several...
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Yesterday 06:21 PM

https://cimg7.ibsrv.net/gimg/blazerforum.com-vbulletin/2000x1504/20190619_181348_6810 81cbce5b4f8619ee0303 5273b49a279f75ac.jpg
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Yesterday 06:20 PM

It's been a couple hundred miles since I filled up my radiator and well, I guess there wasn't a leak - the gauge reads cool and coolant level is holding steady. Nevertheless I bought four...
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Yesterday 05:18 PM

So my horn is not working in my 1998. When I try to press the button I feel the wheel flex a bit, but the horn does not sound. How can I fix it? I have visually checked the fuse and it looks fine,...
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By: Dcodis
Yesterday 04:57 PM

Ive just recently replaced my entire Ac system. Compressor , condensor , high and low pressure switches , orifice tube etc, AC compressor would only kick on if i shorted out the low pressure switch....
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By: Zenith
Yesterday 04:55 PM

Thinking about the LSX 5.3 swap into my S10 Blazer ZR2, did you ever get the ICT Billet kit? If, not what set-up did you go with?
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Yesterday 03:54 PM

Man, the Jimmy is looking clean! I need to detail mine now.
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Yesterday 02:38 PM

Is there a trick to getting song info to stay on ? I push the info button and shows it one time and goes off.
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Yesterday 02:34 PM

There's a guy on here, Transman, who's pretty knowledgeable about our transmissions. Make a post, and I'm sure he'll help you out
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Yesterday 02:33 PM

In drive? That doesn't make any sense
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Yesterday 02:23 PM

I presented exact descriptive answers in a quoted text of all of your questions line by line. I even removed said answers from the quoted text so you could clearly see the responses. I told you to...
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By: Zenith
Yesterday 11:54 AM

I am also at that decision point of going with a rebuilt 5.7 Vortec, only because I can use the front brackets and AC system with a small amount of money needed for the proper wiring and tune. We can...
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