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I want some road trip stories.

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Awesome stories guys.

I have no clue what I would do if I saw bodies burning on the side of the road...I am sure to witness it someday..

I just drove down to the local store about a mile and a half away to get a 12 pack and my power ball numbers. No problems what so ever.

Oh, and I drive it to CO every year to hunt.
Now that sounds like a road trip!
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Dude I love taking my 95 blazer on road trips over my gfs 08 grand price. The grand price has way better acceleration but the blazer you gave a great view if everything around you and personally I think the comfort is phenomenal. I gladly pay more for gas to drive my blazer over her car.
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^ I agree with the comfort. I remember the first time I drove my Blazer I was like damn this thing is comfortable! Now if I could just figure out where all the damn rattles are coming from... Ugh.

But anyways a friend & I are going to Vegas in like a month or so for some summer parties. We'll most likely take the Blazer which is fine w/ me!
Old 05-24-2012, 12:31 AM
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Heres a long story but its a good one. I was 16, I just got my liscence the day before our yearly family gathering in Wisconson (3 1/2 hours away). My mom had an 89 Blazer 2 door. I forget how many miles and she never checked her mpg. Anyway, she let me drive. We get to Wisconson and while we waited for other people to arrive I wanted to go drive around and explore. I took my cousin, brother, and dog.We found what looked like a dirt road/drive way. Turns out it was an atv/snowmobile trail. I kept driving because I was curious to see where it lead to, there were hills, banked turns, puddles, and those motocross giant washboard hills. The Blazer took it all like a champ. The only problems we had during our time out on the trails were an atv almost ran into us coming around a corner, and my dog got a little car sick and threw up on the floor right behind the driver seat,lol. Then the next problem came when we were headed home, somehow I bent the belt pulley on the bottom of the engine, so it had to be towed to my uncle's place to get it fixed. My first lesson on taking care of your vehicle. Ill never forget that expirience, not too many can say they illegally went offroading on state atv trails the day after they got their liscence from a different state,lol. Thanks for reading, sorry it was a long one...

Old 05-25-2012, 03:45 PM
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Drove to NC. Stayed for a week. Drove back.

The end.

Old 05-29-2012, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by CNYCountryKidd View Post
Drove to NC. Stayed for a week. Drove back.

The end.

How many miles did that put on the Blazer?
Old 06-04-2012, 06:36 AM
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I've towed cars on dollys hundeds of miles, I've skidded thousands of board feet of timber, I've climbed over stuff, through stuff, and unfortunately around stuff at times. I wouldn't trade my truck for the world.

But... I almost lost it to the ocean on memorial weekend.

Even a great truck has its kryptonite. I broke the front driveline, in the sand, last one on the beach, at night, an hour before curfew.

Makes you feel real small real quick.

Luckily I had been spotlighting a hill for some quads earlier, they saw me in the creek flashing my lights and came back to see what was up. They got a rhino and pulled me out of the creek. ( I was high centered on a log, rear wheels dangling in the creek, front driveline CV exploded, front wheels half on the other bank.)

They got me back on the flats and 2 wheel drive was fine headed up the beach...

Till I turned and tried to cross the dune to camp. 50ft... Stuck... Digging frantically... Give it some gas honey... rock it... brake. brake.

On the frame. In the sand. on the beach. who knows were the tide was.

How small i felt when i actually abandoned her. on a Freaking beach!

Walked. begged. disobeyed curfew. risked tickets. cool people. big dodge diesel. tow strap.

pulled into camp, scraped out my britches, went to bed. woke up, packed up, drove home.

bought a new driveline at picknpull.

Now that's a road trip!

Oh yah did I mention 70~ mph across the sand, cookies, and hill climbs prior to the driveline explosion. yah its a fun truck!
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Talking I found the ill in illinois

Two Blazer trips (2000 4x4) are worth repeating here. Both speak fairly well for the truck. 1. No good deed goes unpunished. My sister in law is disabled and was moving from Chicago to Southern Il. To help, we the wife and I loaded and drove the 38' rental truck with a trailer carrying her car, while she drove my truck, behind us. 2 way radios and 300 miles went well, no storms (Jan) but there was some snow near Carbondale. Not knowing where we headed once off the highway, I told her to take the lead as she had been coming down for months while having the home built. Problem was, she lead us into a dead end and while trying to turn the 38' plus trailer, I turned into a field I figured might be frozen given the 3" of snow on it. No such luck the truck went up to the axel in red mud. I stopped swearing and mucked out to the blazer which had all my normal life and safety stuff including a tow strap I'd used a few times pulling Fords out of ditches. I unhooked the trailer and got the strap on the tongue. Backed that baby right out with plenty of mud spattered about. Turned it 90 deg. and backed the hitch into in and let her rip. No sweat. That gave me incentive to try loosening up the big truck, just pulling from it's ball hitch and of course neither of the ladies wanted to drive the big truck and so we waited until our nephew (who was at SIU) to come help. Now it's after midnight and with the nephew comes the local leo. Not a scary thing normally but He told us we were on private property! Well not wanting to look like a loser, I called AAA and got a tollway rated tow truck to come. He smiled ran out the cable and put down the outriggers. When the winch started to smoke, he suggested I back the truck while he cranked it up. It broke free and we hitched everything up to go to this pretty little brand new house, where we covered most of the bathrooms with red mud. So it can tow, most things.
2. The Clampetts come to Illinois. Being it's her sister and as I have a soft spot for canines, I saw that sis had her 3 little houseslippers in the new home but were coyote bait without gates on the large deck. So I measured and gauged and designed two gates with S/S hardware of 4x4 postw and 1x1 spindles. One was 40" wide, the other 32". Both were 36" high. They weighed almost 150# each average. I knew that they would be uncomfortable inside given that mama and I and the 75# eating pooping machine that we adopted were gonna wanna be inside. I put them on the roof rack. Leaving about 6am, we beat traffic Sat and the weather was fine. (May). Just south of Chicago we heard a thump and a squeal from the front right. I mad my way over to the shoulder and saw to my horror that the hub had disintegrated and the wheel was being held on by the brake shoe bracket and upper ball jouint. Oh I forgot, I was towing a 5x8 utility trailer filled with sis's leftovers. I called AAA and told them my predicament. They sent a flatbed who hoisted the truck up and hitched the trailer on back. He suggested we "go to his place in Flossmore" I estimated that to be about 8 miles, AAA pays the first 5. I askd where the closest Chev Dealer was and he sid "next exit". i figured as how they might have the part that he would have to find and he agreed. I had replaced these hubs at every 40k since they have no lubrication ooption and according to Chevy are "lifetime" parts. I have that quote recorded. Any way, the dealership was opening the service bay door when we pulled up and they had us underway in less than 2 hours and just over $700 lighter. This highlights the almost universal availability of repair parts and service that gnaws at me when I think about that Murano. 178K and I'm now replacing the compressor clutch for the first time. Of course it chose a 94 deg day to freeze up with a most grinder/cheese grater sound. So if that helps, I bought this slightly used 20k in 2001. If it's crappy out, we take the Blazer, if we got stuff to lug or haul, the Blazer, if we want to take the dog we take the Blazer. If the sun is shining and the forecast is fine we take the Sebring, put the top down and Cruuuuuuse. The dog stays home.
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best ive done is from Calgary, Ab to Fort Smith, NWT, then back to Jasper AB with a bunch of random driving thrown in, a little wheeling, a lot of energy drinks and some good times. round trip we clocked a little over 2100 miles from what i remember... which is about 3200 km. about 1/3 of this was done on crappy dirt roads, potholed and full of massive puddles and even larger buffalo. it was fun, no issues from the Jimmy. definately glad for 31s, tbar crank and 2" BL for some of those roads.
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not a story just a comment i always get stopped by the state troopers of Texas on my way back home going the speed limit.

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