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Trying to convert a 1998 Blazer to double DIN

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Default Trying to convert a 1998 Blazer to double DIN

I see there is a pinned topic for double DIN conversion, but the thread is closed and does not go into a lot of detail.

First some background: Iím on a tight budget, like a couple hundred bucks can break me tight. This is my only vehicle, I cannot do anything to risk disabling it or leaving it undrivable. The interior looks near perfect, despite itís age, this truck has been taken care of and I intend to keep it that way, so I donít want any holes or gals visible, it should look factory. I am completely mechanically inept, I can use basic hand tools and follow simple instructions, but thatís it, so this needs to be kept incredibly simple, donít assume I know something, even if itís basic, because I probably donít, a man has got to know his limitations. The problem with the tacked thread is that it does not go into step by step detail, which I need, please explain this like you are talking to a complete novice, because you are.

Anyway, I just bought this vehicle, but it is missing the radio, I assume an after market one was installed and the previous owner decided to keep it. I bought it from a dealership so I was not able to ask. Anyway, I obviously need to replace that, but since I need to buy a new radio anyway, why not upgrade and drop in a nice modern in dash touch screen navigation system to go with it? The trouble is, the best that I can tell, there is no such system that fits a 1998 Blazer. There are single DIN ones that would fit with an unsightly adaptor, but they are all either too expensive, too basic, or come from China and even their advertising is in Engrish. Iím also not a fan of the fold out concept over the normal in dash look. I have however found several nice Double DIN models, but they of course will not fit.

At least I think they wonít, this is my first Blazer, but that hole looks awfully big to me, way bigger than what I would expect a single DIN opening to look like, so Iím wondering if the previous owner already did the modification? What are the dimensions of the standard DIN and a half opening vs the double DIN opening? How can I tell?

Assuming it has not been converted already though, can someone please, as simply as possible, tell me how to do the conversion, step by step? Preferably with pictures.

What precise model of dashboard bezel do I need? Are there step by step instructions for how to remove and reinstall that?

And remember, Iím a novice, reading the tacked thread it took me a few minutes to even realize that ďbezelĒ was referring to the dashboard, and until I started researching this earlier tonight, I did not even know what a DIN was (and Iím still fuzzy on that), let alone what size I needed, just to give you an idea of what youíre working with. Please keep it simple.
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If you are completely mechanically inept you need to hire a pro to do this or you'll wind up with a ton of problems and a lot of disappointment. This is not for the novice.

My advice for you - get the factory 1.5 DIN radio and put that back in. They should be pretty cheap in the junkyard. Hope the PO left the factory wiring intact. If you can't figure out how to get the dash bezel off (or find the info on getting the dash bezel off), then hire that job too.

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Don't the stock radios have a lock feature when they're removed? He'd have to know how to unlock it. If he's going to use a stock radio he could have someone add the steering wheel controls for it also.
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Check out my thread under the builds section.

It's not difficult at all. Need a 7mm socket, extension, ratchet, and flathead screwdriver to get the trim panel off. (Which you'll probably want to purchase a stock Double Din dash bezel since our 98's came with a 1.5 sized one.)
Take out the bolts, pop off the switch connectors, and it will unclip from your dash. I have a better detailed explanation on how to take off on another thread from today.

You will need either a small hacksaw or dremel for the next part. You will have to cut a small amout of the plastic behind your dash out to get a double din into. (Check out my thread for pics.)

Depending on your head unit, you may need a Metra dash kit to hide any gaps or holes. Get some strapping from the hardware store to make your own brackets with, using the stock holes as much as possible.

That should get you started.
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1998 double din touchscreen installed. Cab radio under where ashtray used to be.
The pricey part is the double din trim ring, only a handful of blazers had it alone in proper color. As for the wiring, its not too hard. My 98 I installed a double din touch screen and took a few hours. Upfront I used my cordless Dremel to just custom trim the current bezel to fit the new radio. Pro fit, no but decent and serviceable. Had to make a couple of support brackets to secure it with plumbers tape. Found inside opening there is a plastic molded part to support old 1.5 which will block most common touch screen double dins from inserting into opening and had to cut that out with my Dremel also.

If your set on doing this and keeping cost cheap (under 200) you will be doing it yourself. With little experience I would guess it should take you good part of a day and you will need a few tools. Find a cheap Dremel at like Walmart, package of wire nuts or solder and solder iron to make the connections for power and speakers. The antenna is in opening but will need a adaptor to fit standard aftermarket radios. Lastly figure modifications to secure it seeing the double din tabs on sides will not line up with the radio because was designed for 1.5 size. (I used plumbers tape- metal roll of tin with holes which is bendable but rigid enough for this purpose). Point is it can be done but was never designed too.

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