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How long have you had and how much have you put into your blazer?

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How long have you had and how much have you put into your blazer?

Old 10-22-2010, 08:13 PM
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I bought my 94 Bravada for $400 out of a field. I needed something to tow my boat.
It has 244,444 miles

I have since replaced:

The front axle (It was missing when i bought it)
2 half shafts
2 replacement fenders.
A/c bypass pulley
Plugs and wires, cap and rotor
rear wind deflector (rear wing from a blazer)
2 wiper blades
new GMC grille because the Bravada grille blew
Cat back exhaust
remote hatch switch and radio bezel from junkyard
windshield wiper motor (it was stolen by Gypsies)

Needs to be replaced or installed:

fuel filter
Body Lift
Energy Suspension poly bushing kit (everything ft and rr)
Fuel sender (Gas gage is dead)
Brake pads
replace gov lock spring (G-80-locker)
Rocker panels (both)
B&M Shift kit
Hypertech chip
Cold air kit

This great little truck owes me nothing! I give him hugs every Thursday...

It was bought to haul my boat. But I love it so much, I don't even mess with my boat anymore!
Old 10-24-2010, 07:30 PM
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ChevyBlazerChick will become famous soon enoughChevyBlazerChick will become famous soon enough

My 88 was bought in '06 or '07 as my first car.

Not Necessarily in this order:
Transverse Link
Tie Rod
Distributer Cap
Distributer Rotor
Ignition Coil
Fuel Pump
Fuel Filter
Brake Drums
Brake Calipers
Brake Pads and Shoes
1 Set Of Tires
Rear Driveshaft
Front Driveshaft
Rear Axle
Front Axle
Rear Axle (yes twice)
No idea how many U-joints...
A Few Exhaust Hangers
New Chevy 358(still needs installed)

Things I didn't need but got anyway
2 Pioneer 12s
Cab Roof Lights
4 New Headlights
Cherry Bomb Glasspacks
New Paint courtesy of my mad skills lol.

Couldn't tell ya how much Miles it has... I'll check tomorrow and get back to y'all.
Old 10-24-2010, 08:02 PM
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Bought ours in March 08: (87,000 miles Now: 152,000 miles)
Heater Core
Idler Arm.

Service Items: Tires, oil & Filters, etc.

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Old 10-24-2010, 08:06 PM
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wlorton has a spectacular aura aboutwlorton has a spectacular aura about

Had the blazer since Aug 2009

Bought for it:
Halo Headlights 150
Blacked out Turns (sent back) 30
Random New bulbs 30
Hood (junkyard crawl) 75
Brushguard 140
HIDs 40
Oil Changes 80
Fluids 60
Offroad Lights 30
Wiring for said lights 30
Paint, undercoating, VHT 30
Roof Rack Cross members, and speaker grilles 12
Brake pads all around 60
Tow Strap 20
LED flashlight for oil changes and fluid checks 4
New Console lid 5
Car washes $xx.x's Probably close to like 100 washing it, as I used to wash it more
Grille 50
Radiator Support 150
Radiator 100
AC Condensor 50
headlight clips (x10) 5
Battery (free) Guy I bought it off of gave me his receipt and cleared check, walmart took it and gave me a brand new baby, lol
Sand paper for clean up 10
Set of new headlights 30ish from Luis
New windshield 215 (and the dumba55es messed up my weather stripping)
New cowl on the windshield 5
Cowl hood bought for 450, sold for 250.... ( )

And countless fill ups (which I have all the receipts and will when the new car gets here, put them in excel and have all my gas mileage logged... currently I think the average is something like 19.9mpg)

Cost of Blazer initially 3995
Plates 315 + 110 a year
Insurance roughly 25-75 a month (Dad pays it and takes it out of my checks not sure the exact amount)

Totalled out for 5700, which all of has been into the blazer
Old 10-24-2010, 08:25 PM
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Bought my 95 Jimmy 4x4 in the first week of Feb 2009. It was wrecked in the front when I bought it so I got it for $600. Drove it home wrecked after replacing the water pump ($35 new) and radiator ($40 from pick a part) and hoses at the previous owner's house.

Once home I took two weeks and replaced:
right and left fender (each $45 from pick a part)
front bumper (I think $35 from pick a part)
hood ($50 from pick a part)
both upper ball joints $17 each new
Both rear shocks $22 each new
Both front sway bar bushing sets $6 new
radiator core frame $35 from pick a part
both headlight housings $15 pick a part
New headlight bulbs
door hinge bushings on both sides

Then took it on a trip to NY two weeks later. While there,
New Tires from Pepboys $70 each
fan flew apart and had to replace the radiator again $113 new from autozone and replaced it in the parking lot
Oil coolant lines that were damaged when the fan flew off
(It was bitter cold winter so didn't replace the fan yet)
EGR valve $75 new
new plugs
1 lower ball joint
And eventually the fuel pump.
left side hub ($75 new on ebay)
right side hub ($30 from pick a part)
left side hub again because abs sensor ring warped and was rubbing the abs sensor ($30 from pick a part)

Got home from NY to Texas.
Both mirrors waiting at home for me (Yes drove a month and a half in NY with no side mirrors)
Replaced the radiator fan (finally)
the last lower ball joint and rereplaced that side's upper ball joint and that tire.
front brake shoes
Most of the relays in the engine
fuel pressure regulator
grille ($60 from pick a part)
New Coil and plug wires
New heater core hose
control arm bushings for right side (I replaced myself)

in the last six months
right side brake caliper
EGR valve again as the new one cracked at the base (used from pick a part this time)
spider injector

Still need
driver door lock electrical plunger
front bumper lower valance
and a right front bumper that matches the color, or (better yet) a paint job as my clearcoat is pealing off.
And since getting my new roadstar two weeks back, before inspection next year, a new windshield.
A/C radiator core.
Could use new rotors but not bad.

It had 197,000 miles when I bought it. It flipped to 200K miles on the ride home from NY. As of right now it has 247K miles. And aside from this hesitation in 3rd gear it runs great. No overheating, starts right up, runs smooth. but I think I'm going to need to have the tranny rebuilt next year. But passes Tx emission test with flying colors.

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Old 10-24-2010, 09:16 PM
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packofqtips is an unknown quantity at this point

i bought mine in 4/05 with 36k on it
has 116k on it now and i dont even want to think about how much i have spent on it
Old 01-05-2011, 10:32 AM
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My 1997 LT 4X4 was bought by my mom in 2000 with ~34k miles. She owned it until 2008 with 177k miles when I took it off her hands (she was just going to junk it). While she owned it, the following was replaced:

AC compressor,
Ball joints,
Oil filter/cooler lines,
Tires, oil, brakes, etc.

Since I've owned it, and it now has ~200k, things I've replaced:

Heater core,
Fuel spider assembly,
Passenger side mirror (it had an unfortunate incident with the garage door frame, thanks mom),
Spare tire and hanger, (both were rusted more than I was confortable with),
Section of rear brake line (rusted through and burst),
Power mirror switch,
Catalytic converter hollowed out,
Upper radiator hose (burst while getting inspected of all times),
Transmission serviced for excessive slippage,
Ignition coil.

Things it needs are:

new suspension bushings,
fuel sender (gauge hasn't worked for over 60k miles),
half of the lights are out in the radio/ hvac controls,
rear wiper motor is seized up,
AC system is out of refrigerant,
torsion bars are sagging, moreso on the drivers side,
fuel lines and filler neck are pretty rusted, only a matter of time before they rust through,
only one speaker works,
probably needs oil pan gasket/main seals,
I'm afraid to flush the coolant because it'll probably start leaking everywhere.

Overall, I've probably only spent 1000 bucks in parts and I've done just about all the work myself. A lot of the things I replaced were bad/going bad when I got it. The only thing I didn't do was the transmission service because the guy had to take apart the valvebody to fix it. Since I paid nothing for it, I figure its worth it to keep on the road.
Old 01-05-2011, 11:21 AM
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Default 97 Lt rwd

My grandmother bought it brand new in '97, shortly after a reck in my moms old pathfinder, the insurance company totalled it out and gave us a check, being it was the other drivers fault. We've had it for about 9 or 10 years now because i was in elementry school still and i'ma seinor now.

currently at 105k miles, vfew trips through georgia and once up to virginia it's only broken 100k when i got it

2 4L60E rebuilds (over drive, Cruise control on seperate)
Tires, 60 series stock dimensions
Drum brake remachined, front break pads, Break Calipers
Door speakers, Dash Speakers
Spare tire holder (it just fell off along with the spare? lol)
Tail light bulbs
Rear Hatch, full replacement, along with rear bumper (insurance paid)
Hood liner
Blazer lettering on the doors, styled
Rear View mirrors (ones faded and ones the original)
A/c and heaters once or twice, including the compressor
Fluids (all synthetic)
Alpine/kenwood Head Unit (new and old)
Dynomax Exhaust
Break Master Cylindar
Oil Cooler Entire Assembly
Dome Light
Removal of the roof rack
mostly hand washed
all oil changes, belt changes, everything except the tranny and the hatch was done in my driveway
Theirs proboably more but i don't remember

All in all it proboably cost about triple the value of the truck, but it's still dependable, starts instantly, No real engine problems, it's considered a lemon.

*edit* Sorry about the bad typing my left shoulder is bleeding for some unapparent reason

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Old 01-08-2011, 01:55 PM
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Mott is on a distinguished road

1994 S15 jimmy SLE 4WD. I purchased mine new in 94. 160,000 miles. Since I have owned it:

3 sets of ball joints(my jimmy eats them)
New front end bushings at 50,000 miles.(It would not hold an alignment).
1 Set of torsion keys(dropped the front end 2")
3 Idler arms
1 Pitman arm
2 Heater cores
1 Radiator
1 Spider Assy.
1 Rear hatch window(defogger went bad)
1 set of vette rims.
3 sets of tires.
1 timing chain
1 Reman. distributor
Radio and speaker upgrade
I had it painted 4years ago. It is being repainted because there were some paiint prep issues. While it is in the shop, I am installing a 2" cowl induction hood.
1 Small block V8(future mod).
Old 01-08-2011, 02:49 PM
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atvwarrior will become famous soon enough

I bought my 94 s10 blazer in 09 with 134,000 and here comes the list
2 new distributors
1 transmission rebuild
new motor mounts and transmision mount
torsion bar mounts
gas tank , filler neck, and sending unit
2 fuel pumps , spider inj
1 pitman arm
5 or 6 idler arms
4 tie rod ends inner and outer
3 sets of upper and lower ball joints ( finally got some good ones )
1 fan clutch
1 idler pully
1 tensioner pulley
2 serpentine belts
3 starters ( they dont seem to do well under water ) go figure .
4 new wheel bearings ( Two times in the front )
probably 6 fuel filters
3 inch body lift + 2 1/2 inch wheel spacers
1 pilar mounted triple gauge pod
4 new tires (goodyear wrangler)
All new brakes master cylinder , rotors , drums , pads , lines , everything .
2 new vehicle speed sencors , map sencor , iac sensor
1 new back window
2 sets of camaro wheels

I still need front cab mounts and thats about it .

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