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Multiple Simple Issues - New to Forum

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Default Multiple Simple Issues - New to Forum

Yes I tried the search feature but it said disabled or no privledges so I thought id ask here.

1998 Blazer 4x4 4.3

1. My driver side window sticks when rolling down, it sticks in 3 spots, about 4 / 8 / 12 inches down it will stick and make a farting sound until I push it past and it will continue to go down, has anyone had this before? Im pretty good with my hands and electronics and such so im guessing I might be able to take the doorpanel off and if I could have a little direction as to what is going on I might be able to fix it.

2. The Wipers no longer work, well they do but there is like this little relay under the hood back toward the dash that has a wire going into it, when I wiggle it with the wipers on they usually work, of if the wipers are on and I hit a big bump they will sometimes go on, it looks to be a connection problem, do I maybe need a new relay or maybe just try some of that electric connection grease or something ?

3. The AC has been on the fritz for a long time now, ive had it charged 3x or so and its ice cold for say 2 weeks then gradually gets warmer to the point where its useless to really even use, so far the shop I took it to used some sealer that you put in and supposed to seal minor leaks and stuff in the lines / hoses I guess, but thats not doing it, starting to think its a compressor issue, if thats the case what am I looking to spend to get it fixed.

4. My front shocks are pretty much toast, as it rides like a waterbed when I go over a bump, just rocks side to side to side, so I was gonna go down to the local AutoZone and get some shocks, would it be ok to only replace the front ones if only those seem to be really worn out ?

I think thats all I have for the moment, tyia (thank you in advance)
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Default RE: Multiple Simple Issues - New to Forum


1) Yeah, sounds like your window is sticking in the track on the way down. I haven't had my door panel off my Bravada, but you should be able to lubricate the track.

2) GM wiper motors on their trucks are notorious for cold solders on the circuit boards. I have had mine out to snap some pictures so that everyone can see what needs to be addressed. The circuit board is very easy to remove. Now I wish the post I made was as easy to find... LOL

3) Sounds like you have a leak somewhere in the system. Someone should be able to find the leak for you as it isn't ever a good idea to use a sealer on an A/C system. The factory installed refrigerant should have a flourecent dye in it that is HIGHLY visable under a black light. If you have a black light at home, I'd take a look under your hood for some green glowing spots on or around the A/C lines and components.

4) Front shocks are fairly straight forward to change out. I did all 4 of mine in roughly an hour. Just make sure that once you tighten down the bolts, that the shock does not have any play in the mounts. I had torqued everything down to spec, but evidently, one of the replacement shocks had a little bit smaller bushing in the top. The mount is VERY strong and didn't flex to meet the bushing, resulting in a clunking noise when going over bumps. It should be fine to replace just the fronts, but for the best ride, I would replace them all. I used the Monroe Reflex shocks on the front of my Bravada and used SensaTrak w/ LoadAssist on the rears due to the weight that I often carry (tools).
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